There is no doubt that when it comes to our signature brand of fabrics its only these three powerful colors we chose for this collection. Each has its own unique voice, character and feeling and each can be described quite easily by every dancer that is passionate about our beautiful sport.

Of course in time we will be sourcing new fabrics, colors and designs but we chose to launch with these three very powerful colors to make a statement for every dancer who chooses BAILA Dance wear…. and that is simply – PRACTICE LIKE A CHAMPION!


It’s powerful. It’s a color that never apologizes, never backs down and always keeps fighting. Just like you on the dance floor. Whether your practicing, competing or warming up in our brand of practice wear, until your muscles are burning and your feet are sore, black is a color that is strong, bold and will never let you down.


We were always going to include the color of love but not only because our dance wear is made with so much love, but because we are simply so passionate about what we make. This fiery color with all it’s emotions and character can only help bring out the best of any dancer who chooses to wear one of our red practice wear skirts.


We live in Mzansi – Africa, home of the Tigers, so we wanted to represent the heritage of a very popular print that easily personifies a lot of the Latin American dances. It’s vibrant, energetic and comes alive when worn on any dance floor.